History of Corso confectionary

The master confectioner Ernst Fischer founded Corso in 1912. From the former confectioner at court Gustav Hausmann he leased the coffee house ‘Fürst Reichskanzler' and carried it on as a literary café with 200 national and international newspapers. In 1926 he opened an additional literary café near Augustusplatz, followed by a café in the ‘Königspassage'.

Verkaufsraum Cafe Corso
ehem. Corso-Backstube in der Ritterstraße

On December 4, 1943 allied bombers destroyed the café at Augustusplatz and the pastry shop. Though his business was largely affected, Ernst Fischer did not give up – far from it – he took over the ‘Café Hennersdorf' and additionally leased a bakery in Brüderstrasse using it as a production facility and point-of-sale.

‘Café Hennersdorf' with its typically Viennese atmosphere may still be a vivid memory to some senior citizens of Leipzig . Unfortunately, like many historical buildings in the post-World War era, this meeting place of alternative thinking fell victim to radical city reshaping.

But Werner Fischer, following into the footsteps of his father, did not give in to socialist plans and in 1968 found facilities where the traditional café could move in. But just two years later the pastry shop was socialized and the café was affiliated to the state owned restaurant chain HO. With the German reunion, the dream of the Fischer family became reality – the family regained possession of its assets and is now carrying on the well-tried Corso tradition.

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