General Shipping and Payment Conditions

1. Validity

Shipping of products is performed on the basis of our following conditions for shipping and payment. If you wish to proceed shipping or payment via standards that are not in accordance with our conditions, please contact our customer service. Please note that in accepting our products you agree with our conditions of shipping and payment.

2. Shipping

We will ship our long-life bakery products (Stollens, Leipzig Lerchen, Baumkuchen) to national and international customers. For national shipping we will assign the Deutsche Paket Dienst (DPD). DPD provides the following services:

  • Shipping of pacels
  • second and third deliveries if necessary
  • return shipping if customer declines to accept parcel or if customer can not be reached

C.O.D is not permitted. Please check also the conditions of payment that are stated below. For international shipping we will assign DHL which authorizes domestic shipping companies that will ship within their specific territories. Therefore shipping and payment conditions will vary. Please contact us if you experience problems or have questions concerning the delivery status of your order.

3. Payment methods and pricing

We ship after payment in advance only. Bills will either be attached to your parcel or will be sent to the address of the orderer (if product not sent to orderer). When paying with a currency other than EURO the current exchange ratio will be applied. The pricing of the day of your order (plus shipping costs) is valid for your order.

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