Original Leipziger Lerchen (Leipzig Larks)

In the 18th century this typical Leipzig pastry found its way into the city's history books: Documents in the Leipzig Museum for Municipal History tell that in former times larks belonged to the culinary delicacies of the city. Caught in the meads of the Elster river the little birds were served baked with eggs and tasty spices.

Original Leipziger Lerchen (Leipzig Larks)
Original Leipziger Lerchen (Leipzig Larks)

In the month of October of 1720 an astonishing 404,340 birds were caught. The so-called ‘Lark women' situated in the ‘Salzgaesschen' in the Leipzig Old Town tried to satisfy the Leipzig bourgeoisie's appetite for this original form of the Leipziger Lerchen. When the large consumption of the larks became controversial, the King of Saxony banished the delicacy from the region's diet.

To calm the aficionados some clever bakers invented the Leipziger Lerchen how they are known today: A fine pasty made of shortcrust, almonds, nuts and strawberry jam, whose tasty flavour became the vanguard of culinary treats to come. Bakers imitated the lark's shape, even mimicking the ribbons the stuffed birds were formerly tied with. The now world famous Leipziger Lerchen were born.

Only a few bakeries are left that craft the pastry after the original recipe. Gourmets all around the world value the taste of the delicious titbits. Today Leipziger Lerchen are an integral part of our product repertoire. We hope you enjoyed this little excursion into this pastry's history!

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